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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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# 61 Sophie Gilbert

Position played: Anywhere you want me !

Number: # 61

Number of seasons played:  14

Previous teams played for: Medway Grizzlies & Romford Nighthawks

Favourite NHL team: None

Favourite UK team:  None

Most admired NHL player: None

Most admired player in the British game: None

Biggest hockey influence: family

Best hockey memory: meeting ( I like that :-)  Winning league

Worst hockey memory: Injuries

Favourite rink you’ve played in:  Sheffield

Occupation: Tax Consultant

Favourite food: Crisps

Favourite tv show:  All soaps
Fírst Car: Nova

What’s a good night out: Night out with the girls

How would you improve Women’s hockey in this country: Training times