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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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Peri Edmiston

Name: Peri Edmiston
Number: 17
Previous teams played for: Guildford Lightning
Favourite NHL team: I support whoever is losing
Favourite UK team: Guildford Flames of 1996/97 (old school!)
Most Admired NHL Player: Corey Perry
Most Admire British Player: my first ever coach coach Ryan "soupy" campbell and Terry Kurtenback
Biggest hockey influence: Sadly, the mighty ducks movies!
Best hockey memory: my first goal against bracknell in 1999
Worst hockey memory: breaking my shoulder in 2000
Favourite rink you've played in: Guildford
Occupation: Sponging Student
Favourite food: Cant beat a good tuna steak
Favourite TV show: Stargate SG-1
First Car: Fiat Punto (called O'neill)
Whats a good night out: some drinks and some mates
How would you improve Womens hockey in this country: I would give it more publicity and promote it in schools.
I'd give us better ice time

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Peri Edmiston