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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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Coach - Dave Murray

Position played:Defence, Penalty Box and Bench


Previous teams played for:Basingstoke Hyenas

Favourite NHL team:Ottawa Senators

Favourite UK team:Basingstoke Bison U10's

Most admired NHL player:Jason Spezza

Most admired player in the British game:Matt Cote

Biggest hockey influence:My son Andrew

Best hockey memory:Watching kids come through Hockey Basics and go on to be good hockey team players and even make conference team.

Worst hockey memory:Clearing a puck that hit straight off an attacker's leg and went back past our goalie!

Favourite rink you've played in:Alexandra Palace - great ice quality

Occupation:Product & Purchasing Manager

Number of seasons played:8 or 9

Favourite food:Steak & Pasta

Favourite tv show:Hockey Night in Canada

What's a good night out:Good meal with a nice bottle of Red

First Car:Austin 1300

How would you improve Women's hockey in this country:Encourage more girls to join junior clubs and get male coaches to take Women's Hockey more seriously.

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