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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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previous match reports

Basingstoke Bison 13 Peterborugh Penguins 1

Basingstoke Bison 7 Oxford City Zodiacs 5

Basingstoke bison 8 Oxford University 2

Basingstoke Bison Ladies 3 Chelmsford Cobras 2
being written soon, i promise i will get it done.

Basingstoke Bison Ladies 15 peterborough penguins 1
Peterborough penguins travelled down to Basingstoke with a under strengthed side and unfortunatly found an on form Bison side. Bison Ladies scored first goal at 4:56 by julia Burns and quickly followed by two more quick goals in just over a minute one scored by Natz Aldridge first of a later finished hat trick and the other scored by Captain Emma Toose. the  Bison Carried on by scoring another 3 goals, one scored by Carol Taverner, First of the season for Jess Heath and a second goal from Natz Aldridge with 18 seconds left in the first. The second period Carried on as the first period finished with the bison camped well and truely in the penguins defensive zone. Two quick goals both from Rachael Harrison one at 21:29 and one at 21:57 followed up by a second goal for Julia Burns to make the game 9-0. The 3rd Period was the second lines time to shine with a hat trick from Lucy Barfoot, one goal from Carl Massey, a second goal for Jess Heath and one from Natz Aldridge to complete her Hat trick. Although the score appears to be one sided the penguins had a number of attempts on goal and were rewarded with a goal from Angela Smith of which was a tap in following a shot on bison netminder Lita Jarrold which rebounded off her Pads and sat tantalizingly on the goal-line. Player of the Match: Natz Aldridge, Spirit of the Match was Jess Heath

Invicta Dinamics 4 Basingstoke Bison Ladies 5
This clash of invicta ladies turned out to be harder then the bison thought it was going to be. The bison dominated the first period 4 goals to 0 all scored by Rachael Harrison and all assisted by Natz Aldridge. But the second period saw the desperate invicta knock in 2 goals past goaltender Lita Jarrold. Half way through the second period Lita Jarrold came off the ice to give Michaela Walker the other Half of the game. Because of Michaela not expecting this change she went in cold and 2 more goals were scored by Invicta. The bison, awakened by this tieing goal stepped up the pace, Racheal harrison scored her 5th goal of the game assisted by Julia burns with 1 minute remaining in the second period. In the 3rd period the bison kept a level head and held Invicta untill the end of the game. Player of the match: Rachael Harrison, Spirit of the Match: Michaela Walker

Basingstoke Bison 4 Basingstoke Bears 1
The local battle was a hard fought game with the bison ending up with the well deserved victory. The first goal was scored by the bison at 4:08 by Rachael Harrison with a accurate pass by Andrea Jeffery but was quickly answered back by the bears scored off the rebound by Nat Rambridge to tie it 1-1. Second period was alot harder for the Bison as Bears goaltender Amy Heron was stella between the pipes. The bison finally penitrated and scored 3 other goals. Second goal from Emma Toose, assisted by Carla Massey. Third goal scored by Natz Aldridge assisted by Rachael Harrison. Fourth goal scored by Rachael Harrison assisted by Natz Aldridge.

Basingstoke Bison Ladies 2 Romford Nighthawk 4            2/10/04
As expected a hard fought game for the Bison Ladies against the physical play of Romford. Scoring her first goal for the Bison Ladies was Andrea Jeffery who scored from a loose puck from outside the goal crease, but the goal was cruley disallowed. Romford scored  twice in the first period from the talented Guilbert sisters. Second period saw another goal for Romford by Lana Sterling-Ait. 5 minutes later Julia Burns got the Bisons' first hard fought marker at 22:16 assisted by Kay Carrington, which was quickly answered by another Romford goal from Zoe Guilbert. In the third period the Bison came out and played a much more physical game and were rewarded with a second goal from Rachael Harrison in the last 2 minutes of the game. Overall a good game by the Bison once they settled down and played Romfords style of game.
Player of the Match was Lita Jarrold, Spirit of the Match was Carol Taverner.
Next Game at home v Basingstoke Bears (the battle of Basingstoke). face off 6:30 pm. Not a game to miss!

Basingstoke Bison Ladies 11 Milton Keynes 0                   19/9/04
A well deserved win from a determind Basingstoke Bison. Going out fighting to get their first win for 2 seasons went to a flying start with Nats Aldridge and Rachael Harrison getting hat tricks, Julia Burns and Carla Massey getting 2 goals, Lucy Barfoot getting 1 also Hannah Driver and Captain Emma Toose both getting at least 1 assist each.
man of the match was Emma Toose and Spirit was Rachael Harrison
Next Match @ romford face off: 6:30 

Basingstoke Bison Ladies 2 swindon 10                                  5/9/04
hard first match for the bison but the score didnot reflect how close the game was. The bison were using home ice to dominate the first period not in score but in heart. eventhough swindon were knocking the puck in the net but the bison were attacking with great force. many near goals could have cost swindon the game altogether. "all the bison need is a little more time to gel the lines and it would curtainly pay off in goals" said secretary lesley ellis.
next game at milton keynes 12:45 face off