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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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Bison Ladies News

its the old news now but here is what happened then...

More wins means closer to the playoffs!
The Bison Ladies are getting even closer to playoff hopes beating Oxford Midnight Stars by 1 goal and are continuing to push to complete the run of 9 wins in a row until the end of the season  

Firebees get stung 6-1
The bison ladies convicingly beat the Bracknell firebees 6-1 at home. Leading throughout the game, there was no doubt that the bison ladies would dominate to pick up two points. But with the two points, came a match ban for forward Lisa Collingwood and Firebees defence Leanne Ganney for fighting, though without Collingwood, the bison ladies were able to steamroll to victory in a final score of 6-1.

8 Bison Ladies player head to Coventry to face the north
Bison ladies are proud to announce that 8 bison players have been selected to represent the south of England on the 25th january to compete against the north. Players include:
Lisa Collingwood (F)
Julia Burns (F)
Emma Pickard (F)
Jordan Wilshire (F)
Charlotte Rodgers (F)
Peri Edmiston (D)
Caroline Kelly (D)
Lita-Lee Jarrold (NM)
Bison coaches and management would like to say that the inclusion of these players is a testament to the hard work and effort by each and each and every one of these players and we wish them all the best.
also profiles, fixtures and pages have been updated as of 23rd January

A win over chelmsford puts play-off hopes back in motion
a convincing 9-5 win over top table rivals chelmsford brings a higher hope of reaching the playoffs in sheffield this coming may. the bison ladies had an early christmas present as they went to beat Chelmsford in a tough and exciting game with new player Jordan Wilshire getting 5 points from her first game!

One Loss and one win opens up the season already
With the season only Just starting, it has been a variable start with a 6-2 loss to the Swindon Topcats and an 8-2 win over Streatham Storm south...Two tough but competitvly fought games shows that it is going to be a very exciting season.


some new faces on the Bison Ladies Roster as the new season comes closer...
The new season will be starting with a few new faces and a few faces from last season missing.
Leaving the Bison are:
Carla Massey - retiring
Mickey Walker (NM) - To slough
Jasmine Long - To Bracknell
Rachel Harrison - To Guelph University (Head Coach)
Mareena Nissi - To Finland
We wish them luck with there future ventures.
New Players arriving are:
Peri Edmiston - From Guildford
Kat Robinson (NM) - From Guildford
Emma Pickard - From Slough
We are very excited that these new players have decided to come to us and they will add a new dimension and depth to the Bison ladies roster
There are Temporary fixtures in discussion at present and as soon as we get fully confirmed fixtures, they will be available on the fixtures page.
Pictures of the 2007/08 Bison Ladies Jerseys will be available soon!

Now is the end of season...
With a comfortable 8-0 win against Oxford University on sunday, the bison Ladies end the 2006-7 season with forth place on the league table.
We would like take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped with match days and all the people that help keep the organisation of the club going throughout the season.

End of season awards news...
The end of season presentation afternoon was held last saturday in Basingstoke, here are the Winners of awards this season:
Best Forward: Lisa Collingwood
Best Defence: Lita Jarrold
Most improved: Jasmine Long
Rookie of the Year: Hazel Stacey
Coaches player: Julia Burns
Captains player: Kay Carrington
Players Player: Kay Carrington
Congratulations to all those who won awards but it is important that Ice hockey is a team sport and every player is a valuable part to the success of the 2006-7 season

Last game of 2006-07 capaign on sunday
The last game of the 2006-2007 season is coming this sunday against Oxford University Blues. Free entry, Face off is at 6.30pm at the Basingstoke Arena

Bison host the second leg of local Derby

The yearly tough and hard hitting local derby between the Basingstoke Bison Ladies and Basingstoke Bears is happening this Bank holiday monday!

 It should be a good game that is being played for pride. Over the years, the bison have dominated but the bears have pulled the score closer together over the last year. 
The bears have quite a few hidden talents like Julie Saint and Samantha Vernon but the Bison will remain solid with the full squad which includes a few ex-bears in our squad, like Jasmine Long and Tanya Morgan....

This is going to be a exciting and high paced game, so be prepared for edge of your seat action!

Its free entry, face off at 5.30pm at the basingstoke arena


The Bracknell Firebees Home game is changed from 1st April to SATURDAY 31ST MARCH at 6.30PM.


Secretarial changes occur in Bison Ladies organisation
It is with great regret, that long time standing Bison Ladies Secretary Lesley Ellis has stepped down from the Bison Organisation. On behalf of the Bison Ladies Ice hockey team we would like to wish Lesley and David all the best for the future.
Taking over the position of secretary will be previous isle of wight fixtures secretary Fiona Seagrave.
Also due to the withdrawal of London Nighthalks from the League, The Bison V Nighthalks fixture on the 31st of March is now Cancelled


With the season in full swing bison don't plan to get bitten twice...
After a mixed start to the season with wins from Bracknell and more recently Oxford University but also defeats at the hands of Milton Keynes and Swindon, and with Swindon home around the corner this Sunday, the bison ladies have been training hard towards this event to give the best possible hockey and not be bitten for a second time against the topcats.
The topcats have some very talented players and will bring a challenge to the bison but they can equalise with well rounded talent of players like Emma Toose, Lisa collingwood, Caroline Kelly and bison goaltender Michaela Walker...
This will be a tough and competitive game of hockey on Sunday 26th November at Basingstoke Arena, face off 6:30pm with free entry

Success against Oxford Uni 18/11/06
A good game of hockey with a very special event within the bison roster with Hazel stacey not only assisting tonight but also scoring two for herself and potting Most valued player of the game in an 11-2 win last weekend

A new signing brings more postive hope for the bison...
A new signing of Charotte Rogers from Slough Phantoms brings a stonger quality with her experience from Premier league will bring a lot of positive entity the bison can learn from.

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Hyenas charity game - June 4th

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