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Basingstoke Bison Ladies Ice Hockey Team

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ways to annoy a ref

1. By reminding them kindly that polka dot boxers clash with striped shirts.

2. Ask them if they miss wearing double runner skates.

3. Constantly skate behind them going "Nee nee nee nee!!!"

4. Whisper under your breath, "You Tonya Harding wannabe."

5. Ask him if what the wing men say is true, that he's been ahead of that puck a few times himself.

6. You were the last one picked on the pee wee hockey team weren't you? Is that why you're just a ref?

7. Put "Puck Off" signs on their backs.

8. Ask them if you can borrow their 20% discount at Foot Locker.

9. You know the Gatorade they drink during breaks? - Spike it with Viagra and watch them try to skate after that!

10. Every time you skate past them say: "Yo zebra good call."

11. Offer them some glasses.

12. Squirt water bottles at them.

13. Skate past them suggesting 'you should let the game flow'.